Supplies & Inventory


  • StickerApp - It's not an app, but it is awesome. Their overall customizability, quality, and price point are unmatched. They have so many different options for finishes (ex. my glitter stickers) and they will work with you to customize them however you like. If I just want the flowers on my design to have the glitter effect, I'll put a note on the order that says "Could you just make the flowers have the glitter? Thanks". Now imagine that ability but with holographic, pixie dust, glow-in-the-dark finishes and more. They have frequent discounts, too.
    I also use them for branded stickers for packaging!


  • CatPrint - This is where I currently have my prints made and I LOVE them! Not only are they a small business, but their print and paper quality are top-notch, and their prices barely affected my profit margins. They have a ton of amazing paper options and will even send you a sample pack of all their paper options FOR FREE. My favorite paper currently is their "felt" one. It isn't soft like felt, but it makes my artwork really pop off the page and people have commented on how nice and crisp it feels. I am slowly transitioning all my prints to this!
  • FedEx - This is where I started. I had been using them up until a few months ago. If you have one locally, mine had my orders ready for pickup within the same day. While I had to deal with them getting a few orders wrong, they were always quick to fix their mistakes and it's pretty affordable. The quality is good enough that you can feel confident selling them at markets or through wholesale.
  • OfficeDepot - Not the best quality, but a very affordable place to start if you have a local OfficeDepot or OfficeMax store. Would be more useful for printing marketing materials like thank-you cards to put in packaging.

**PRO TIP: Are your prints not turning out as vibrant as they look on your screen? While some fade and color difference is normal, it MIGHT be because your art file is in RBG color instead of CMYK! Screens use RBG (red, blue, and green) while most printers use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) ink!**



- Clear Bags has a ton of options including eco-friendly cello sleeves for your prints, fast shipping, and reasonable prices

- Magic Water Supply is my go-to for chipboard (to go on the back of my prints) and has fast and FREE shipping

- Hero Packaging is where I get my cute pink ZERO WASTE compostable bubble mailers! Fast shipping and way cheaper than Noissue!


For more reccs, check out THIS list my friend Elizabeth ( has on her site!